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Authorization for Release of Information

I, or an agent with my permission, completed this application and certify all information is true and accurate.

I authorize all deposit, borrowing, trade and other financial information to be released to the funding source (Funder). I authorize Funder (or other funding source designated by Funder) to (a) provide information about us and the credit experience of Funder (or such other funding source) with us to others, such as banks and credit reporting agencies, and (b) keep this application, whether or not credit is extended. I acknowledge that, if another individual who is not one of my employees assisted in the preparation of this application, he or she acted as my agent in doing so. Upon request, Funder will tell you whether or not a credit report was requested and, if so, the name and address of the credit reporting agency furnishing the credit report.

I understand that you will retain this application whether or not it is approved. Gator Moto Utility Vehicles and More, LLC and its assigns and designees are authorized to check my credit, including consumer credit reports and employment history and from time to time may be asked to answer questions about your credit experience with me.

We will obtain a consumer credit report about each person identified as a guarantor in this lease application. By selecting "Yes" in the "Credit Release" box below, the user providing us with guarantor information represents that (a) each guarantor has authorized the user to supply us with such information in this application and (b) each guarantor understands that we will obtain a consumer credit report about the guarantor in connection with this application.

Credit Release: