Custom Electric Vehicles

We can also produce electric vehicles to your specifications. Contact Us Today!

28 Passenger SE W/ Dummy Trailer   4 Passenger Bubble Buddy LE Police With Hard Doors   8 Passenger LE Shuttle Utility W/ Luggage Trailer   Delivery Buddy Deluxe 2P
$27,995   $16,995   $20,995   $15,995

Electric 2 Passenger Cargo Hauler Plus   Electric 8 Passenger Shuttle With Luggage Trailer   Electric Container Truck   Electric Flatbed Truck And Trailer
Please Call For Quote   $19,995   $19,995   Please Call For Quote

Electric Industrial Truck   Electric Industrial Truck Deluxe   Electric Police Paddy Wagon   Electric Shuttle With Lowered Step
$13,995   $17,995   Please Call For Quote   $18,995

Electric Stretcher Ambulance   Electric Wooden Trolley   Electro Classic Buddy 6P   Electro Classic Buddy 8P
$16,995   $24,995   $12,995   $13,995

Electro Enclosed Police 4P LQ   Passenger And Cargo Electric Truck   Shuttle Buddy 15P Olympic LQ  
$16,995   Please Call For Quote   $18,995