Dealer Program FAQ's

  1. What is a Gator Moto UV Stocking Dealer?

    A Gator Moto UV stocking dealer is a business or individual that has been authorized to sell the Gator Moto UV line of LSV's, golf carts, sportsman, security, shuttle, utility and other related GMUV vehicles and accessories, parts and service in a pre-determined designated territory and who maintains a small inventory of vehicles and parts on hand at their location. A Gator Moto UV Dealer also provides customers with "After The Sales" parts and service.

  2. What is a Neighborhood Referral Dealer?

    A Neighborhood Referral Dealer is a dealer business or individual that markets Gator Moto UV products to their neighbors, friends and family and receives a commission on the sales they generate. The Neighborhood Referral Dealer does not have an obligation to acquire or maintain any minimum amount of inventory other than the purchase of a personal LSV, golf cart, utility or other GMUV vehicle (at special wholesale NRD dealer cost pricing) that is used to demonstrate the product to their family, friends and neighbors.

  3. How can one become a Gator Moto UV Stocking Dealer or a Neighborhood Referral Dealer?

    Becoming a dealer is a simple process. The process starts with the completion of the appropriate dealer info request form which is done online. Once this is submitted you will be contacted to go over the program in detail and to answer any questions you may have.

    For prospective Gator Moto UV Stocking Dealer applicants, we will consider your request based on a completed application, business model, financial projections, experience, and other relevant info. Applicants requesting to be become a Gator Moto UV Stocking Dealer are not guaranteed that they will be granted a dealership or the specific territory they request. If approved, you will execute a standard dealer agreement and a Dealer Code of Conduct and at that point you will place your initial order of product.

    For prospective Neighborhood Referral Dealer applicants you simply complete the info request form which is done online. Once this is submitted you will be contacted to go over the program in detail and to answer any questions you may have. Neighborhood Referral Dealer requests will normally be approved. Once we receive your completed application you will be requested to read and sign off the Dealer Code of Conduct and we will provide you with the details regarding your purchase of your own personal LSV, golf cart or utility vehicle.

  4. Is there a fee to apply for becoming a Dealer and is there any upfront franchise fee?

    There is no fee to apply for becoming a dealer and there is no franchise fee paid since this program is a dealership program and is not a franchise.

  5. If I am granted a Gator Moto UV Dealership will I get the specific territory I request?

    If you are granted a dealership, your preferred territory will certainly be taken into consideration. If no dealer currently exists in such requested territory your territory request will likely be granted since we want good dealers in all available prime territories that have not already been assigned to a dealer. In the event a requested territory was not able to be granted to a prospective dealer, such prospective dealer will not be obligated to accept an alternate territory that they do not want. If no acceptable alternate territory can be agreed on, the prospective dealer could simply elect to not become a dealer.

  6. What is the Dealer Code of Conduct for dealers?

    We operate on a basis of respect, honor and fairness. This includes dealings with customers, other dealers, vendors, lenders who may finance our vehicles, customers and anyone else that we and our dealers come in contact with. The Dealer Code of Conduct needs to be adhered to in order to maintain a "dealer in good standing" status required to maintain continued dealership authorization for selling the Gator Moto UV product line within a dealer's designated territory. Both Gator Moto UV Dealers and Neighborhood Referral Dealers are required to adhere to the Dealer Code of Conduct.

  7. How much money can I expect to make with the dealer program?

    This is a question that has no specific answer as actual financial results for each dealer will vary based on a number of factors including the amount of efforts expended, the specific niche targeted, the geographic market of operations and the controllable and uncontrollable market conditions in effect at the time.

    Our LSV's, golf carts and utility vehicles and accessories, parts and service appeal to a wide range of consumer and commercial customers and they carry gross profit margins when sold at MSRP that should enable dealers to generate meaningful incremental net income to add to their already existing business net income along with the potential for a standalone operator to generate meaningful net income.

    As is the case for most businesses, market conditions are constantly changing and our dealer's individual ability to adapt and adjust to changing market conditions certainly increases their chances for success.

  8. Can the LSV's, golf carts and utility vehicles sold to dealer's customers be financed?

    Currently, there are multiple finance options available. While there is no guarantee, we expect that there will continue be multiple finance sources available in the future to finance the vehicles for customers who possess adequate credit to be approved for such financing.

    Of course, the ongoing ability to finance LSV's, golf carts and utility vehicles is subject to the ever changing market conditions within the bank and lending institutions. While Gator Moto UV may be able to provide finance options for dealer's customers, Gator Moto UV Dealers are free to arrange financing alternatives for their sales with any finance sources they choose.

  9. What level of mechanical expertise is required to be a Gator Moto UV Stocking Dealer?

    A Gator Moto UV Stocking Dealer is required to have access to a moderate level of mechanical expertise, basic tools and a small service area… as well as some basic material moving equipment in order to unload product from containers.

    Some of our vehicles that are shipped direct from the factory will require some assembly when they arrive at a Dealer's facility. Additionally, Dealers will be required to provide customers with "After The Sale" service.