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Make:Gator Moto Utility Vehicles
Model:Electro Deluxe Industrial Truck
Price:$ 18,995.00
Color:Bright White (Not Orange Per Picture)
Engine:5 KW
Floor Plan:2 Passenger Industrial Utility Truck
25-30 Miles On A Charge
20% Climbing Ability
Body Is Constructed Of Steel Framework
Seats Are Artificial Leather
Right And Left Rear View Mirrors
Turn Signals And Brake Lights
Headlights, Hazard Light Switch, Ignition Key
Horn And Back Up Alarm
Cup Drink Holder / Front And Rear Drum Hydraulic
Handbrake / Int. Leaf Springs / Hydraulic Shocks
Clutch /F + 1 R Gear Box
Tires -5.00-12/ Wheel 12.3.00 Steel Wheels
AM/FM CD Player
Windshield-AS1 DOT Approved
High back Chairs
Overall-14' X 5'.1"W X 6'3" H
Cargo Dimensions-9' X 5'
Max Load 4400 Pounds
Gross Vehicle Weight 4600 Pounds
72 Volt System-12 Trojan Batteries Of 6 Volts Each
Recommended Max 20 Degree Inclines
Tiedowns: Curtis Controller 1209

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