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Make:Gator Moto Utility Vehicles
Model:4 Pass FR Highriser Street Legal Golf Cart LSV
Price:$ 10,295.00
Engine:5.3 KW DC Motor
Floor Plan:4 Passenger
Steel Framework And Plastic Body
Fiberglass Roof With Grab Handles All Around
Raised Frame For Off Road Driving
Floor-Non Slip Plastic / Tires Are DOT Certified
Rear Seat Drops To Utility Back
Front Basket / Horn Package
Front Headlights / Tail Lights / Reverse Lights
DC Converter From 48 Volts To 12 Volts
Battery Charging Meter / Key Ignition
Forward/Reverse Switch / 48 Volt Power
Trojan Batteries / Curtis Controller
Rack And Pinion Steering
Mechanical And Parking Brake System
Recommended Max 20 Degree Inclines
Integrative Front Axle /Rear Axle 2 Stage Decel.
Large Off Road Mud Style Tires
Rear View Mirrors / Storage Under Seating
On Board Charging System With "Smart Charge Tech"
Steel Mag Wheels All Around
AS-1 Glass Windshield / Automatic Power Wiper
Seatbelts / 17 Digit Vin Number
Meets Federal Requiement For Street
Body Lift Kit Included
Full Enclosure Available @ $895 Add'l On Request!!
Seats: Artificial Leather with Plastic Armrests

A Beautiful Look! All The Speed Too!!

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